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  • PCB drilling equipment, SMTfly-F02
PCB drilling equipment, SMTfly-F02
PCB drilling equipment, SMTfly-F02 Features:
1.  Smooth cutting finish only by router cutting .
2.  There is little distortion on PCB during cutting because using high-frequency spindle motor . It is 1 / 10 of pressing , 1 / 100 of breaking by hand .
3. One-touch program changeover .
4.  Able to cut liner and arc with router machine , diminish the restriction on PCB design .
5.  Read QR code or JIG BIT auto select cutting program , or check accordance between cutting program and JIG .
6.  Powerful Dust Collection minimized dust adhesion on PCB .
7.  Developed high performance router bit that expanded bit life and relief littering .

8.  Cut down PCB cost because need not making V-groove on PCB


PCB drilling equipment, SMTfly-F02 Specification:

I. Hardware
System models / types Windows XP Professional
FootPrint (LxWxH) 800mm*850mm*1700mm
Weight (Approximate) 150KG
Adjustable machine footings (for height) 60~110mm
Manipulator Motor Panasonic MINAS A5 series
Manipulator Repeatability 0.001mm
Axis configuration
Maximum Axis Travel (X,Y,Z) 400mm*650mm*50mm
Work station
Board Positioning Fixture positioning, thimble universal positioning, vision correction
Loading/Unloading manual
Routing Range 320mm*320mm
Panel Thickness 3mm
Rigid Fixturing Universal thimble & anti-static fixture
Top Clamp Using hole positioning
Spindle Motor
Power 100W
Max. speed 60000rpm/min
Cooling Natural cooling and air-cooled
Router bit size 3mm*3mm
Tool change Use Special wrench
Routing capability
Max routing speed 100mm/s
Repeatability 0.02mm
Vacuum System
Power 0.75KW220V Single-phase motor
Filtration Vertical and horizontal
Power 1.5KW AC220V
Air supply 4~5KG/cm2
II. Software and Programming
System platform Windows XP Professional  (Service3,v.3244)
System Stability 24 hours without exception
Vision system Precision CCD vision alignment correction system (SONY 250 series)
On-line Online Programming
Editing function Straight, diagonal, circular arc, circle
No. of Programs that can be installed select a storage location according to client's requirement
Configure CCD Camera for programming Fangchen F130 High Precision CCD
Toolbit Diameter Compensation Provide different angles to compensate for the user to choose different shapes
Filter Change Interval (distance) setting automatic cleaning filter and dust to dust collection box when processing is completed centralized each time
Operation Monitors
3-color Tower Light 3-color light monitor the machine's working conditions
Tool Break Detection Automatic detection of tool life & using time
Motor Overheat Detection overheating, overload, low voltage protection function
Servo Overload Detection Overload, the line is normal, low-voltage protection function
Tool Life Tracking tool life time detection
PCB Board Counter cutting item,cutting counting, diversified way of counting.
Vacuum Filter Change Alarm not use to vacuum filter
Machine Error History The software automatically records all alarms memory
III. Accuracy
Axis positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Routing Accuracy 0.02mm
IV. Safety
Enclosed Work Area Using four seal protection
Door Interlock Sensors micro-switch sensor
Emergency Stop Button Yes


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