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  • PCBA Depanelizer, SMTfly-330
PCBA Depanelizer, SMTfly-330

Lowest Stress PCBA Depanelizer, SMTfly-330 Features:

1.Pneumatically driven and electromagnetic valve control.
2.Depaneling process without vibrations due to pneumatic drive unit . machine 
3.Depaneling PCBs with sensitive SMD, capacitors or thin board even to 0.3mm can be separated safely. 
4.Depaneling operation is that operator stamps the foot pedal to Depanel PCB.
5.Highest components near the v groove of PCB can be up to 70mm. 
6.The minimum distance is allowed to be 0.5mm between  V groove and the electronic components.
7.Gap for insertion of PCB can be easy to adjust by the adjusting knob in front of the machine.

Lowest Stress PCBA Depanelizer, SMTfly-330 Specification:



Max. PCB depaneling length

330mm(Can custom made)

PCB depaneling thickness


Voltage and Power

110V/220V       10W

Working air pressure


PCB depaneling speed

due to operator skilled level

PCB depaneling machine size


PCB depaneling machine weight


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