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  • Laser PCBA Cutting Machine, SMTfly-5L
Laser PCBA Cutting Machine, SMTfly-5L

Laser PCBA Cutting Machine, SMTfly-5L

  • Product description: Laser PCBA Cutting Machine

Laser PCBA Cutting machine with ±20 μm Precision for FR4 PCB Boards, SMTfly-5L

Laser PCB Cutting Machine Advantages

  • The laser process is completely software-controlled. Varying materials or cutting contours are easily taken into account through adapting the processing parameters and laser paths.
  • In the case of laser cutting with the UV laser, no appreciable mechanical or thermal stresses occur.
  • The laser beam merely requires a few µm as a cutting channel. More components can thus be placed on a panel.
  • The system software differentiates between operation in production and setting up processes. That clearly reduces instances of faulty operation.
  • The fiducial recognition by the integrated vision system is done in the latest version around 100% faster than before.

Laser PCB Cutting Machine Principle

UV Laser PCB Separator PCB Depaneling with ±20 μm Precision for FR4 PCB Boards

Laser PCB Cutting machine Parameter


Technical parameters

Main body of laser 1480mm*1360mm*1412 mm
Weight of machine 1500Kg
Power AC220 V
Laser 355 nm

Optowave 10W(US)

Material ≤1.2 mm
Precisio ±20 μm
Platfor ±2 μm
Platform ±2 μm
Working area 450*430 mm
Maximum 3 KW
Vibrating CTI(US)
Power AC220 V
Diameter 20±5 μm
Ambient 20±2 ℃
Ambient <60 %
The Machine Marble

Laser PCB Cutting Machine Features

1. Neat and smooth edge, no burr or overflow

2. More quick and easy, shorten the delivery time

3. High quality ,no distortion,surface clean& uniformity;

4. Gathering the CNC tech,laser tech,software tech…High accuracy,High speed


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